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AREAA Global and Unison are excited to announce they have teamed up to help more people buy homes.

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Thank you for referring your client to Unison. One of our experts will be reaching out to them as soon as possible, and we will update you when they complete pre-qualification. Unison is excited to be partnered with AREAA and look forward to helping your clients!

We’re co-investors, not lenders.

There are no monthly payments here. We help with your down payment in exchange for a portion of your home’s appreciation when you sell. No extra debt, no interest, no monthly payments. Plus, we share in the upside and the down. Because that’s true partnership.
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Estimated value

How much cash do you need today?

This is the amount of equity you can unlock from your home — up to $500K or 17.5% of your home’s value. Unison will give you a one-time payment of this value with no interest.

Unison’s share of the change in value.

The larger the investment, the greater Unison’s percentage share when the home is sold. The smaller the investment, the smaller our percentage share.








Payment to Unison if home’s value increases.

Unison shares in the increase, getting back more than we originally invested and earn a profit.






Payment to Unison if home’s value does not change.

Unison receives our initial investment back and nothing more.








Payment to Unison if home’s value decreases.

Unison shares the decrease, receiving back less than we originally invested and incur a loss. As co-investors, we only win when you do.


Unison HomeBuyer

A smarter, better way to buy a home

Unison HomeBuyer gives your client cash today for their down payment in exchange for a share in the appreciation or depreciation of their home in the future. It’s not a loan. There’s no extra debt, no interest and no monthly payments.

How can I benefit from HomeBuyer?

Sell more homes

With additional down payment funds, you can show your clients more inventory, put together stronger offers, and ultimately sell more homes.

Unison HomeOwner

A better way to free up equity

Your client can access up to 17.5% of their home’s equity without extra debt, interest, or monthly payments. In exchange, we share in a portion of their home’s appreciation or depreciation when they sell.

How can I benefit from HomeOwner?

Grow your business

Through AREAA Global's alliance with Unison, you will receive a 3% finder’s fee on the money contributed for any Unison HomeOwner deal funded.

Still have questions?

The short answer is that there is no catch. Unison gives you access to your equity with the freedom and flexibility to live without monthly payments because we invest in your home.

These funds come from institutional investors (think pension funds and university endowments) who want to make long-term investments in homes across the U.S. Both you and Unison benefit if the home increases in value, and we both take the loss if the home decreases in value. We see this as a win-win situation for both you and Unison.

Founded in 2004, Unison has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we’ve been featured in New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg and other publications. To date, we have helped people from California to Massachusetts as we continue to change the way people buy and own homes. Check out a few of our testimonials to learn more.

It’s important to us that our customers make the best decision for them and their family, so we are committed to answering any and all questions throughout this process.

Prior to partnering with you, we evaluate your credit, income and property, all of which can be done without any financial obligation to you or impact to your credit. We usually look for a FICO score of at least 680 and a DTI ratio of less than 50 percent.

We will also need to evaluate your home prior to partnering with you. Usually, the home needs to be your primary residence and must meet several other criteria for us to invest.

You can use the funds provided by Unison for up to 30 years. After 30 years, you will need to either sell your home or buy us out.

To buy us out, you would need to pay back an amount equal to our original investment plus or minus our share of your home’s change in value. We use an independent third-party appraisal to determine the fair market value of your property at the time.

In some cases, after 30 years it might be possible to refinance your home and use the proceeds to buy out Unison’s investment. However, there is no guarantee that this option will be available.

You own the home! You control the property and receive the benefits of home ownership, such as occupancy rights and income tax deductions.

Unison is not an owner and has no rights of occupancy. We only share a portion of the future change in value of the home, as an investor.

Too good to be true?

The Hall family used HomeBuyer to move into their dream home.

Debt was holding the Roberts Family back.

The Roberts Family used Unison HomeOwner to get control of their finances and give their kids the life they wanted.

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